Membership Requirements & Benefits

  • Registration Fee: $100 ( One time payment)
  • Monthly Dues: $20 (Member cannot owe more than 2 months)
  • Probation: 6 months (A member has to pass probation before he/she can host an event)
  • A member has to give 2 months notice before his/her event.
  • There will be no more than 2 member events in the calendar month
  • Before the Association will ask members to contribute $100 as required towards any member’s event with good standing, he/she must pass the mandatory probation.
  • Life Time Event: A member has 2 events to celebrate in lifetime of membership with good standing. Example: Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary etc.
  • The association will have group insurance in the future ( A member might contribute)

Meeting Attendance:

A member should attend at least 9 meetings out of 12 in a year, unless good explanation is given.

Please keep it for your records!!